330ml & 20L | ABV 6,2%

An exquisitely roasted-chocolate ale, sparkling and unfiltered, with well-chosen malts that bring out the aromas of caramel and chocolate. Full, creamy and sweet at first, with a strong aftertaste of rich bitterness due to the dark chocolate. The history of the variety and its special taste take on a new dimension with the addition of unique ingredients, six distinct barley malts and pure Greek barley.

Color: Dark brown.
Flavor combinations: Beef and pork, barbeque sauce, truffle, cheddar, blue cheese, shellfish and mollusks along with desserts such as chocolate cake, chocolate soufflé and vanilla ice-cream.

* Won the ‘Bronze Medal’ in the international competition ‘Brussels Beer Challenge’ 2015 among 1,100 beers from all over the world.

Per 100ml

Energy: 198kJ / 47kcal
Lipids: <0,1g
– of which saturates: <0,1g
Carbohydrates: 2,13g
– of which sugars: <0,5g
Proteins: 1,04g
Salt: <0,1g