330ml, 500ml & 25L | ABV 4,5%

An authentic, traditional, deep-fermented beer that nostalgically conveys the taste of a Bohemian Lager, as it was enjoyed in the late 19th century. The legendary Czech 5aaz hops imparts spring blossom aromas and spiciness to this blonde beer, patiently matured to offer pleasurable and delicious moments of enjoyment.

Color: Light blonde.
Flavor combinations: Chicken, seafood (shellfish, tuna, salmon), soft cheeses (burrata, chèvre), grilled vegetables.

Per 100ml

Energy: 165kJ / 40kcal
Lipids: <0,1g
– of which saturates: <0,1g
Carbohydrates: 3g
– of which sugars: <0,5g
Proteins: 0,56g
Salt: <0,1g