330ml & 20L | ABV 6%

A beer with generous additions of American hops and three types of malt, which add intense citrus and coniferous aromas, amber colour and a bittersweet taste; the caramel intertwines in a balanced play with the hops, creating an irresistibly harmonious result. Simply stunning!

Color: Amber with a rich beige foam.
Flavor combinations: Meats (beef, lamb), spicy spices (curry, chili)), intense-taste cheeses (e.g., blue cheese), desserts (carrot cake, crème brûlée).

Per 100ml

Energy: 183kJ / 44kcal
Lipids: <0,1g
– of which saturates: <0,1g
Carbohydrates: 1,8g
– of which sugars: <0,5g
Proteins: 0,7g
Salt: 0g